A history of Chuck & Blair and paper on their One Year Anniversary

News about LM's engagement recently came out. Would EW congratulate? Might there be drunk-dialing? Might there be a drabble on this? — Anonymous


A/N: Saw this and suddenly got very inspired! End is also inspired by Skins.

He doesn’t say: Wait, hold on.

He doesn’t say: I spent six years forgetting that I was only pretending to be in love with you.

Instead, Ed gets extremely drunk, until alcohol seems to be dripping from his pores, until his tongue is coated heavy and making him slur stupid things into unwilling phone receivers.

He murmurs, “Fucking Leighton.”

His brain is too sluggish to warn him to hang up the phone.

"Ed? I - " He can almost hear her smiling a bit. She understands, Ed thinks, understands the joy of getting utterly wasted. 

"Top notch," he continues. "Getting married. You know, you’d bloody think that you’d remember the literal details of it when following in Blair’s footsteps." He’s on the floor now, on his hands and knees, his heart on the hardwood. "Life imitates art, or - "

On the other end of the line, Leighton coughs. Across their apartment, Adam glances up, smiles with a slice of pizza for her in one hand.

"You’d bloody think you’d have chosen - "

There’s a crash, a stumble - silence.

Leighton holds the phone tighter, all pressed up to her face, burning the skin of her cheek. “Ed?”

"Leigh," he whispers at the wall, his voice empty like they wasted years, wasted scripts, burnt an illusion in the end and never could grasp onto something real.

She lets out a breath that’s not nearly steady enough. “Yeah?”

Ed tilts his head back, smiles up at the ceiling, but it’s a bitter look.

"Nothing mate." He presses his lips together, shoves his hand into one pocket for a cigarette. "It’s just that I always did like you best."

Ed Westwick bts for august man


Romeo & Juliet premiere - Sept 24

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